"why we purpose to build launchpad ?"

Secure and Improved Token Launchpad for EVM compatible Chains (Focused on BSC)


Build a token LaunchPad tailored to the average memecoins/speculation tokens consumer, where they have some level of protection against scams/honeypots/rugpulls by developing and integrating a series of new requirements and special tools.


With the rise in popularity, rate of adoption, and hype around the whole crypto ecosystem in 2020 and 2021 a special subset of speculative tokens has been reborn, memecoins. Most notably on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) where the low transaction cost, a low entry barrier and the promise of 1000X returns led thousands if not millions of inexperienced traders to buy into these pump-and-dump schemes and lose tens of thousands of dollars which they have little to none protection against.

Over time the users developed ways to protect themselves, but the majority of these are still based on trust, “Doxxed” developers, and influencers backing up projects. Only a handful of users would ever go and look into a token source code, even less understand its workings. On top of all these, the most populars launchpads are victims of bots and have loose to none interest in customer security.


Our project will set up standards to prevent scam coins from taking advantage of users. On the developer side, we will manage the funds raised by pre-sales, add liquidity to the token, and lock the liquidity provider tokens (lp) automatically. Eliminating the risks of the devs running away with the funds, not adding liquidity and selling all the liquidity upon listing (rugpull). On the user side, our platform will scan the project’s source code for common vulnerabilities, set minimum lock up times, and provide ratings on each token. Giving the average user insights and confidence that simply couldn’t be achieved before.



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