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( May 15, 2022 )

Here, Summary of AMA AEROCHAIN.

There are some update regarding our update progress :

1. At first CMC, CG are supposed to be listed when AEROCHAIN Supporting Usecase is launching, such as Launchpad. So that the impact to the chart is bigger and not short. But due to dev team want to give what holders want, so CMC CG is done few days ago.

2. Desserts Finance is already updated

3. AERO will be listed in several international DEX. There’s a DEX that need holders participation to do vote.

4. AEROCHAIN progress and update can be found on Medium & Social Media. Holders can contact AEROCHAIN TEAM directly through official email about support, marketing and others

Blockchain Progress :

A. There’s maintenance in User Interface which’s not running as the back end system, not yet updated

B. Launchpad is on final development and preparing to be tested by Third Party before launch publicly

C. AEROPAD (AEROCHAIN Launchpad) will not take a fee in token form.

D. Launchpad is still have an error while testing it in AMA because the UI and database are not yet synced perfectly

E. AEROCHAIN Multisender is finish and can be used in multichain

F. Marketing will be done as the launching of AEROPAD so the effects will be bigger and sustain.

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Aerochain will enable protocols on Ethereum or other EVM-compatible chains to develop on Aerochain’s faster and more efficient blockchain infrastructure.