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1. We can request faucet on this link : or you can ask moderator group aerochain on telegram. This Taero will be using for gass fee

2. Add our network configuration on metamask ( Testnet Aerochain Network )

3. Launch Remix by navigating to Under Environments, select Solidity to configure Remix for Solidity development, then navigate to the File Explorers view: We will create a new file to save the Solidity smart contract. Hit the + button under File Explorers and enter the name for your token.

How to Create and Deploy an ERC20 Token on Aerochain Network

Import the OpenZeppelin ERC20 contract in the Sample.sol file:

And initialize the Token, inheriting from the ERC20.sol contract:

Here we’re declaring a new contract called “SampleToken”, using the Solidity keyword contract, while inheriting from the ERC20 OpenZeppelin’s contract using the “is” keyword.

Inheriting from the ERC20 contract will give us access to methods like _mint() and balanceOf(). If you want to take a look through all the available methods, you can check the official ERC20 documentation.

The next step is to create a cryptocurrency is to call the contract’s constructor and provide the name and symbol of the Sample Token. To do so, inside the contract, write the following code:

Let’s say we want to create 10000 tokens and send them to our wallet, to achieve this, we can add the following code in the constructor:

Deploy Your ERC20 SampleToken Cryptocurrency on Aerochain Network

On REMIX, click on the Solidity icon on the left side of the screen, and click on compile. You might also want to activate auto compile, to allow REMIX to listen for code changes, and compile your code.

This will compile the Sample.sol code, populating the artifacts folder with our Token’s Contract abi (application binary interface) and their binary version, used to deploy it on the blockchain.

Now that we have our artifacts, click on the Ethereum logo under the Solidity icon, select your contract in the dropdown menu, and click on deploy:

Our smartcontract address is


We can check on our explorer that token has been succesfuly deploy

On this URL we can check amount SampleToken ( 10000 token )

url :

Import Token to metamask

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